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How do i know that work has commenced on my project after commissioning?

Once payment has been confirmed, we assign a designer to your project and a mail will be sent to you to notify you that your payment has been received and work has commenced also.

What does it mean to commission a project?

What we mean by commissioning a project is by paying 30% of the total budget of your project

Please give a summary of how it works here on alcredia

To start a project on alcredia is easy and simple.
First a client has to register by providing some basic bio-data. Then after the client can start a project with us. after registration of a project, there is a need to commission the project immediately so as to allow us assign a designer to your project. then at the completion of the project, the client is expected to have completed the balance then will files and related documents of the project can be downloaded by the project owner.

Can i pay up the whole project cost all at once?

Yes you can. you can either pay a commission to commence work on your project but will need to complete the payment before main files of the completed project is released.

what if i don`t like the designer assigned to my project

Its your project and your satisfaction is our concern. if the designer is not meeting up demands, you quickly report the issue to us and we will look into it and take the right actions.

i have a design already, can you help and redesign?

Yes we can redesign your already existing project. that will be specified in the project description during the project registration and we expect a copy of the old work to be redesigned

I am a designer, how can i join the alcredia designers community?

From time to time, we run ads and publications whenever there is a job opening for designers in alcredia.

When i commission my project, how long before work starts on my project

Once you commission your project, and we confirm it from our data that your project has been commissioned, we open the project immediately and assign a designer to start work immediately.

How many days will it take to complete a project?

work duration for projects differ depending on category but at maximum of 14days for all project categories apart from website development projects

Are any there hidden charges?

No! apart from the total budget project we charge you, there are no other charges. if in case you are charged by a designer, quickly report to alcredia admin. if such transactions where made without our knowledge, we are not to be held responsible if anything goes wrong.

How long does it take to commence work on my project?

the duration is determined by the project owner. once a project has been commissioned or paid in full, in a space of 24 hour, the project will be open and work will start immediately.


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